"Once i decided to join a fraternity, i was exposed to a whole new world of opportunities and i have not looked back since" -tommy khekher, Zeta Psi 


Fraternity men here are scholars first, and this is reflected in the values of our organizations. Many chapters organize events such as library hours, study groups, and more to enrich the academic experience of their members. But most important is the invaluable support network. Being in a fraternity will introduce you to other men taking the same classes as yourself, who can rely on and help one another through it, as well as older men who have already taken those classes and can provide their wisdom and experience. Surrounding yourself with other motivated, driven, and intelligent men can be immensely helpful to academic success. In fact, the All-Greek GPA is consistently higher than the campus average.


Athletics are an essential aspect of Greek life at UCSB. Countless NCAA D1 athletes have come to find all the benefits that Greek life at our school has to offer, with athletes from nearly every sport being represented in our fraternities, and fraternity men comprise integral parts of many of UCSB's club sports. Fraternity intramurals in both men's and coed sports ranging from flag football, soccer, softball, beach volleyball, and basketball to inner-tube water polo give our men access to some of the most exciting and engaging intramurals the nation's universities have to offer. 


Brotherhood is the cornerstone of all fraternity life. The plethora of social events provides unparalleled ability to meet and make new friends, and the bonds formed by fraternity brothers are some of the strongest there are. Joining a fraternity will expose you to men from all over the world, from different races, backgrounds, and creeds, all coming together in the common purpose of brotherhood. It also gives you the unique perspective of having close friends of all grade levels for your entire time at UCSB. Fraternity men share their most formative years and the experiences they share forge lifelong friendships. Fraternities at UCSB hold a number of brotherhood events for their members, including deep-sea fishing, golfing, movie nights, paintball, hikes, camping trips, music festival trips, and many many more. 

Social Life

Fraternities at UCSB engage in a variety of social events each quarter guaranteed to enrich any student's college experience. Fraternities will typically host a mixer with each Panhellenic Sorority in a given quarter, and many fraternities will also host mixers with various women's sports teams from the university. Grab-a-dates are another favorite, in which each member is given 24 hours to find a date for an event ranging from a dinner at the house, to bowling, laser tag, harbor cruises, and more. With plenty of other events such as barbecues, philanthropy sporting tournaments, beach days, formals, and more, there is sure to be something for everyone to do!


Fraternity men at UCSB are well known as leaders on campus, and can be found in almost any on campus organization. The social skills and confidence gained from having such a solid support network as only a fraternity can provide are invaluable to developing the ability and confidence necessary to lead. Chapter executive board positions allow men to learn the trials of management and gain valuable experience as they run every detail of their organizations. Fraternity members are also a great source of information for how to get involved in your community. Nearly any fraternity man at UCSB can tell you a story about an important internship, volunteer position, or job they that another fraternity member helped them find.